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Lannebo Fonder is an independent customer-oriented fund management company engaged in active asset management within areas and sectors where the company possesses a high level of fund management expertise

We manage assets for both individuals and organizations with the goal of generating as high a return as possible at a reasonable risk. We only invest in assets we truly understand and that we believe will generate a good return. Prior to every investment, a thorough analysis and careful risk assessment is performed. Our fund managers are experienced professionals and are independent in their investment decision process. The managers invest their own capital for their private account, further increasing the incentive to create the best possible return for the fund.

In 2013, we became a signatory to the UN directives for the Principles for Responsible Investments (PRI). As a major shareholder in a large number of companies, we have the opportunity and immense responsibility to influence the companies, and we regularly meet with top management in the companies where we invest. Each year we participate in approximately 30 board nomination processes for the companies where we have invested.

Lannebo Fonder has successfully managed investment funds since 2000, when Anders Lannebo together with a group of highly qualified fund managers founded the company. From the start our success has been acknowledged on several occasions through the many awards we have received. More important than all the awards we have received, however, is the trust our customers have shown us by allowing us to manage their capital.
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