13 March 2019

Lannebo – Best Equity House Sweden 2019!

Every year Morningstar awards the industry’s best performing funds and fund companies. At this year's ceremony Lannebo received first prize in the category "Best Equity House Sweden".

The award was in recognition of the following:" Lannebo is the no. 1 active manager in Sweden due to their focused range of equity funds where all have a high rating over the past five years, and all but one succeeded better than the average in their category in 2018".

Johan Ståhl, Head of Portfolio Management and Manager of Lannebo Småbolag and Martin Öqvist, CEO of Lannebo, comment on the award.

What do you think was the principal factor that led to being awarded "Best Equity House Sweden" by Morningstar?
»That the majority of our funds delivered steady returns - with very good returns in our Swedish funds during a year with difficult market conditions and large fluctuations«, says Johan Ståhl.

»That we have a clearly-defined investment philosophy that through genuine active fund management creates long-term, high, risk-adjusted returns. The importance of a high-risk awareness becomes even more apparent when there are large fluctuations in the stock market«, says Martin Öqvist.

Martin och Johan på scenen Linkedin

Is there anything specific that you think stands out with Lannebo's management philosophy compared to that of other actively managed funds? 
»That we are consistent in our management and not follow trends, but rather have a long-term view when we invest our customers' capital«, says Johan Ståhl.

»Our managers work closely with the portfolio companies - from the analysis of the company through to important decisions. This provides profound insight and knowledge that is otherwise difficult to obtain«, says Martin Öqvist.

We see this award as inspiration to continue our unrelenting commitment to creating long-term, high, risk-adjusted returns through genuine active management.

  • 23 April

    Lannebo receives new awards

    23 April

    Lannebo recently received three awards in the Nordic selection of the Lipper Fund Awards 2019. The awards are a fantastic confirmation that we do many things right and a clear acknowledgement of our investment strategy!

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    Lannebo Sverige Plus, Swedish Fund of the Year 2018!

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    Fund News! Lannebo Sverige Hållbar

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    All funds managed by Lannebo integrate sustainability as part of the investment process – whereas sustainability takes a decisive role in the new fund Lannebo Sverige Hållbar.

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