Sverige Hållbar A SEK

The fund suits those who want to contribute to a more sustainable society and, like us at Lannebo, recognize the connection between sustainable business practices and long-term, high, risk-adjusted returns

All Lannebo funds integrate sustainability as part of the investment process, whereas sustainability has a pivotal role for Lannebo Sverige Hållbar. The fund, like all Lannebo mutual funds, is actively managed whereby the fund managers select shares according to their own analysis and assessment of companies they believe in long-term. The sustainability criteria consist of three areas:

  1. Contribute to a sustainable society
    • Sustainable living (recycling, renewable energy, energy efficiency, etc.)
    • A healthier lifestyle (health care, recreation, healthy food / sustainable food industry, pharmaceuticals, etc.)
    • A better world (green buildings, sustainable cities, etc.)
  2. High sustainability rating
    • If the managers wish to invest in a company that does not clearly contribute to a sustainable society, the company must maintain the highest, or second highest, assessment in Lannebo's internal sustainability assessment, or in the sustainability analysis from Sustainalytics.
  3. Exclusions
    • Companies where more than 5 per cent of revenues are from: fossil fuels, alcohol, pornography, gambling, tobacco or weapons
    • Companies that systematically violate international conventions.

Investment policy

Lannebo Sverige Hållbar is an actively managed equity fund that invests primarily in the Swedish stock market and can invest up to 10 per cent in other Nordic countries. The fund is a so-called all-cap fund that can invest in all sizes of listed companies.

Management style

The portfolio is concentrated and consists of approximately 30 holdings. Companies are selected based on a thorough analysis grounded on the fund manager’s knowledge together with recurring meetings with the management of companies. The objective is to find companies that contribute to a more sustainable society and provide a high risk-adjusted return over time.


The fund includes a share class that provides an annual dividend of at least 5 per cent of the fund's assets at year end, meeting the needs of institutional investors such as foundations and endowment funds. The dividend will be paid in January unless re-investing in new shares has been requested. Please note that dividends will only accrue to unitholders with dividend class units held at the end of the previous year and who retain the entire holding through the end of January the following year. Fact sheet for Lannebo Sverige Hållbar Share Class B (Dividend).

The fund is suitable for those who

  • want to invest in companies that have the best sustainable business practices and contribute to a more sustainable society through their products and services
  • believe in active management and investments based on a clear understanding of each individual company
  • want to avoid investments in fossil fuel, tobacco, alcohol, weapons, gambling or pornography


On December 20, 2018, Lannebo Utdelningsfond became Lannebo Sverige Hållbar. Sustainability is an integral part of the investment process for all Lannebo funds, whereas sustainability is even more central for Lannebo Sverige Hållbar - in addition to the exclusionary criteria already in place for Lannebo Utdelningsfond. In connection with the change, the fund was also converted from a special fund to a mutual fund. 

Results prior to 12/20/18 are simulated and based on Lannebo Sverige Hållbar B SEK.

Risk information: Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. The money you invest in a fund can both increase and decrease in value and it is not certain that you will get back the full amount invested.
The fund's value can fluctuate significantly due to its composition and fund management methods used by the Fund Management Company.


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