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Lannebo Nordic Equities was launched in June 2018 given the potential we see in the Nordic region as an investment area. Many of Lannebo's funds invest in Nordic companies, but no fund has had a clear focus on individual stock picking among listed companies that all together represent the diversification that the Nordic region provides. For example: Swedish companies within industrials and exports; Danish companies within healthcare and medtech; and Norwegian companies which allow for exposure to raw materials and shipping. The Nordic region as an investment area also means diversification of currency exposure.

Investment policy

Lannebo Nordic Equities is an actively managed fund where the fund manager selects individual stocks of Nordic companies. The portfolio is concentrated around 30 companies, where the managers evaluate the potential for rising profits and increasing dividends over time. The investments can be made in both large- and small caps on all Nordic exchanges in all sectors.

Management style

The fund managers make active investment decisions through analyses and individual stock selection. Focus is on each investment and its long-term potential. We choose to invest in companies whose business models we understand and where we see significant potential over the long term, at a reasonable level of risk. The stock's valuation is also central to the investment decision. We like companies with revenue growth, both organic and acquired, with a cash flow that is sufficient for both dividends and acquisitions.

The goal is to generate as good return as possible through active management at a reasonable risk. The fund's performance is compared with the VINX Benchmark Cap SEK_NI. Returns over time will deviate from this benchmark as the fund is actively managed.

The fund is suitable for those who

  • want to invest in the Nordic stock markets and seek a diversified portfolio of companies of different sizes, in different sectors and with different currency exposure
  • want an actively managed fund with investments based on a clear understanding of each individual company
  • can accept potential return fluctuations and have an investment horizon of at least five years
Risk information: Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. The money you invest in a fund can both increase and decrease in value and it is not certain that you will get back the full amount invested.
The fund's value can fluctuate significantly due to its composition and fund management methods used by the Fund Management Company.


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