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Lannebo European Small Cap is the equity fund that expands Lannebo Fonder's genuine active management further into Europe. Investments are made based on the fund managers' selection of small and medium-sized quality companies with the potential to create substantial long-term returns at an acceptable risk.

Lannebo Fonder has always believed in small caps - and now we are taking the leap into Europe. To succeed we welcome two new fund managers to our team. We consider Carsten Dehn and Ulrik Ellesgaard to be among the very best fund managers of European small caps.

Why invest in European Small Cap?

  • Lannebo delivers genuine active management. Therefore, instead of staring at the screens, following the index and the stock market, we deepen our knowledge of companies we believe in. We look for, find and meet with companies with strong business ideas, stable balance sheets and great potential to invest in early on. Over the years we have developed a keen eye for quality companies that are profitable and can continue to perform for our unit holders over the long term regardless of external conditions. We like when companies are experts at what they do, preferably world leading and we would like to see strong owners’ / management teams that advance the business forward.
  • The small-cap market is less efficient compared to large caps, allowing for greater potential of additional returns in each investment compared to the overall market. Despite the fact that the majority of European companies are small caps there are fewer players that monitor and analyse them. We want to capture these opportunities with our proven approach where we evaluate each company based on our own critical analysis.
  • Of Europe's 9,000 listed companies, 8,000 are small caps (market cap <5 billion EUR). With such a large pool of potential investments it becomes more important to selectively evaluate the opportunities, while also considering risks. Your investments are important to us and we are extremely careful in our risk assessment and analysis. Before we actively invest in a stock, we spend considerable time evaluating the downside of the investment: the risk of losing money!

Investment policy

Lannebo European Small Cap is an actively managed equity fund that invests in small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe. The companies the fund invest in should have a market capitalization not exceeding 5 billion EUR, or the equivalent in another currency at the time of investment. The fund may invest a maximum of 10 per cent of its value in companies with headquarters in Europe, but not listed in Europe, and / or without restriction to the size of the companies' market capitalization.

Management style

The fund managers make active investment decisions through analysis and equity selection. Focus is placed on each of the fund’s individual investments and their long-term potential. We strive to avoid being distracted by elements affecting the share price short-term. This leads to investments in quality companies, where we can have a knowledgeable opinion about their future growth potential, and where a company’s valuation is attractive.

The goal is that the fund, while taking a balanced approach to risk, should provide the best possible return. The performance of the fund is compared to the MSCI Europe Small Cap Index. Since the fund is actively managed, performance over time will deviate from this index.

The fund is suitable for those who

  • want to invest in small and medium-sized companies listed on European equity markets
  • want an actively managed fund where investments are based on a clear understanding of each individual company
  • can accept that fluctuations in performance may occur, and have an investment horizon of at least five years

Other information

The official name of the fund is Lannebo Europa Småbolag.

Fund managers

Risk information: Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. The money you invest in a fund can both increase and decrease in value and it is not certain that you will get back the full amount invested.
The fund's value can fluctuate significantly due to its composition and fund management methods used by the Fund Management Company.


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