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Lannebo has successfully managed investment funds since 2000. Since then, our success has been acknowledged on several occasions through the many awards we have recieved. More important than all the awards, however, is the trust our customers, both private and institutional, have shown us by allowing us to manage their capital.

If you are interested in investing in our funds, or need more information, please find our contact details below, and we will be happy to assist.

Daniel Sundqvist
Head of Sales & Marketing Director
+46 (0)8-5622 5205
+46 (0)70-440 10 81
Manne Bergh
Head of Institutional Sales
+46 (0)8-5622 5220
+46 (0)70-750 48 07

Risk information: Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. The money you invest in a fund can both increase and decrease in value and it is not certain that you will get back the full amount invested.
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