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Fund NAV 1 d, % YTD, % NAV date Test
Corporate Bond SEK 120.41 0.03 3.10 16/9
Andelar: Värde:
High Yield SEK 118.84 0.04 3.93 16/9
Andelar: Värde:
Likviditetsfond SEK 115.58 0.01 1.01 16/9
Andelar: Värde:
Mixfond 25.10 -0.16 15.51 16/9
Andelar: Värde:
Komplett 155.38 -0.01 12.25 16/9
Andelar: Värde:
Europe Small Cap A SEK 11.65 0.09 20.98 16/9
Andelar: Värde:
Småbolag SEK 114.22 -0.08 25.38 16/9
Andelar: Värde:
Småbolag EUR 133.44 -0.34 20.50 16/9
Andelar: Värde:
Sverige 39.95 -0.79 16.17 16/9
Andelar: Värde:
Sverige Plus SEK 52.14 -0.78 16.18 16/9
Andelar: Värde:
Mixfond Offensiv 201.57 -0.22 18.90 16/9
Andelar: Värde:
Sverige Hållbar A SEK 1,644.86 -0.69 23.15 16/9
Andelar: Värde:
Vision 9.44 0.43 30.03 16/9
Andelar: Värde:
Risk information: Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. The money you invest in a fund can both increase and decrease in value and it is not certain that you will get back the full amount invested.

This is Lannebo

Lannebo is an independent customer-oriented fund management company engaged in active asset management within areas and sectors where the company possesses a high level of fund management expertise.

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23 Apr

Lannebo receives new awards

Lannebo recently received three awards in the Nordic selection of the Lipper Fund Awards 2019. The awards are a fantastic confirmation that we do many things right and a clear acknowledgement of our investment strategy!
13 Mar

Lannebo – Best Equity House Sweden 2019!

Every year Morningstar awards the industry’s best performing funds and fund companies. At this year's ceremony Lannebo received first prize in the category "Best Equity House Sweden".
4 Feb

Lannebo Sverige Plus, Swedish Fund of the Year 2018!

Lannebo Sverige Plus was awarded Swedish Fund of the Year 2018 by Privata Affärer with the following motivation: "An actively managed Swedish fund with the ability to leverage up and down with control." The fund also turned 10 years in December...
20 Dec

Fund News! Lannebo Sverige Hållbar

All funds managed by Lannebo integrate sustainability as part of the investment process – whereas sustainability takes a decisive role in the new fund Lannebo Sverige Hållbar.
12 Dec

10 year anniversary and the highest return!

Lannebo Sverige Plus reaches its ten years anniversary with the highest return of the Morningstar category Swedish Funds at 382 per cent! (benchmark index SIXPRX 274 per cent during the period December 11, 2008 – December 11, 2018)
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