Lannebo Pension

This fund suits those who want a long-term savings that is diversified between asset classes and geographic regions 

Investment opportunities in the global equity- and bond markets are near infinite and are not always so easy to navigate. For example, where- and when globally should an investment be made? Where are the risks and the opportunities? Lannebo Pension aims to take part in the long-term trends while dampening the effects of larger market volatilities.

Investment Policy 

Lannebo Pension is an actively managed fund of funds, special fund, which invests in equity, fixed income and real estate funds. The fund may invest up to 100 per cent in any of these asset classes. Emphasis is placed on Swedish investments, but the fund can invest globally in order to diversify risks. The fund has an open mandate for fixed income investments with regard to maturity, issuer and country. 

Management Style

Investment decisions and allocations between equity, fixed income and real estate funds are actively made based on analysis and fund selection by the portfolio manager together with an investment advisory committee. The funds geographic distribution is based on an economic assessment and the potential of each market. The goal is to achieve a good long-term return through a balanced trade-off between risks and opportunities from diverse market circumstances, while seeking to dampen market volatilities. 

The fund is suitable for those who

• seek a long-term savings, such as for retirement
• want to have risk diversification between asset classes and geographic regions
• prefer to have their savings allocated by a professional between asset classes and geographic regions


The fund invests in funds managed by East Capital, Fidelity and Lannebo Funds.

Minimum investment in the fund is 100 Swedish kronor.
Risk Information: Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. The money you invest in a fund can both increase and decrease in value and it is not certain that you will get back the full amount invested.


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Fund facts

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Fixed fee


Yearly fee, 1.56%, includes the Fund Management Company's management fee as well as estimated annual fees of the underlying funds. Annual fees may vary from year to year.

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