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Fund NAV 1 d, % YTD, % NAV date Test
Corporate Bond (A) 116,42 0,02 2,70 27/7
Units: Value:
High Yield Allocation 111,98 0,03 3,98 27/7
Units: Value:
Likviditetsfond 114,60 -0,01 0,56 27/7
Units: Value:
Mixfond 22,75 0,26 5,47 27/7
Units: Value:
Komplett 141,61 0,21 7,53 27/7
Units: Value:
Europe Small Cap (A) 11,88 0,85 21,35 27/7
Units: Value:
Småbolag 88,99 0,57 8,90 27/7
Units: Value:
Småbolag EUR 115,43 0,20 8,28 27/7
Units: Value:
Sverige 34,52 -0,55 7,27 27/7
Units: Value:
Sverige Plus 44,53 -0,51 8,06 27/7
Units: Value:
Sverige Flexibel 175,63 0,43 8,82 27/7
Units: Value:
Vision 6,42 0,47 11,65 27/7
Units: Value:
Risk Information: Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. The money you invest in a fund can both increase and decrease in value and it is not certain that you will get back the full amount invested.
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Fund manager interview: ''Right now, we pay special attention to valuations.''

12 jun Lannebo Europe Small Cap is still relatively new, but the fund has gained a lot of attention, particularly in recent months given the fund has placed at the top in the performance tables, and it is frequently added to fund experts' recommended portfolios. Read the interview where the fund managers share their thoughts on investing with a long-term horizon while carefully balancing risk.

Fund manager comment: “So far the quarterly reports are encouraging”

4 maj Lannebo Europe Small Cap had a performance of 16.3 percent (EUR) year-to-date by the end of April. The excess return versus the benchmark is 4.2 percent-points year to date. “The reporting season started in the end of April. Most of the companies that we are screening and analyzing will report later in May, but so far the reports are encouraging”, say Carsten Dehn and Ulrik Ellesgaard.